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Leadership Message



RMICC celebrated a successful & adventurous 2014 Agenda.  Our 2015 Agenda proves to be just as engaging and energizing with the roll out of our Natives Go Global campaign.  Our goal at RMICC is to promote commerce that benefits the American Indian Community.  We strive to enhance Native Businesses in their path to growth, empower Native Professionals and Entrepreneurs in their path to success, encourage Native Students in their path to continued education, engage Tribes on their path to Economic Development, and embrace Partners in their path to reach the Native Community.  In addition to these goals, I’m thrilled with the opportunity to help Natives realize their true potential on the larger domestic and global markets.


As an enrolled member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, I'm always interested in ways to promote a positive image of our American Indian Culture & Community.  My priority is to help our American Indian Community to stay relevant to what’s new in business, while maintaining respect for culture and tradition.  Equally important to me, is showing my daughter and the rest of our American Indian Youth the beauty and pride in being American Indian.   Our people are truly beautiful, vibrant, and resilient!


In some small, humble way, I hope to bring a level of unity amongst our communities so our people have a clear voice.  Our people have suffered a great deal, and there is still so much work to do in Indian Country.  We can't get there until we embrace each other and work together.  We say, "Mitakuye oyasin," (we are all related).  Together, we can show the world that in the face of centuries of adversity and struggle, American Indians are still here, thriving and growing!  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and even more humbled by those that support and believe in the vision. Thank you Creator.


While we may be small in numbers, we are certainly not small in heart.  Undeniably, “modern Natives” are the very essence of perseverance, resilience, and versatility.  The Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce extends an esteemed “welcome” to you.  We hope you join us in our path to prosperity.

Latest News
Jul 27 2015 11:51am    Comments: 0    Categories: Chamber News      Tags: economic study  
American Indians and Alaskan Natives of Colorado contribute more than $1.5billion annually to the Colorado Economy.
Jul 16 2015 07:09pm    Comments: 0    Categories: Community      Tags: first nations anniversary tour  
First Nation's Development Institute celebrates their 35th Anniversary with an invite to participate in a journey to experience the Spirit of Indian Country.
Jul 01 2015 12:15pm    Comments: 0    Categories: Chamber News      Tags: golf event  
The 2015 RMICC American Indian Golf Fundraiser secured four scholarships for American Indian Students this year.
Jun 30 2015 03:26pm    Comments: 0    Categories: Chamber News      Tags: american indian scholars plates  
You can now process your American Indian Scholars License Plate purchase entirely online.
Jun 04 2015 11:10am    Comments: 0    Categories: Chamber News      Tags: american indian scholars plates  
RMICC and CIEF join CCIA for Qtrly Meeting between Tribal Leaders and State Officials to renew MOU for American Indian Scholars License Plates.
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